Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to New Pork City

Every comic needs a world for its characters to inhabit. Hopefully it's a world that feels lived in... like it's been there long before the reader discovered it, and it's going to continue to be there long after. It needs history and the erosive passage of time. Without at least the feeling of all of these things, the reader is never going to be able to fully invest in the story. Why? Because it's never going to ring as true to them.

With The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs, we're trying to transport the reader into New Pork City, a place obviously inspired by New York City. It looks and feels like a long past version of New York City, only it's not. The buildings are tall, but not very modern. The streets are lined with citizens dressed in clothing that is at the same time familiar and foreign... as if something out of an old magazine or news reel. The manner of speech may feel a bit dated, but not quite so much as watching a 'period piece' movie. Basically, New Pork City is a bit of old world, and a bit of new.

This purposefully anachronistic approach allows me, as the writer, total creative freedom in representing the dress, speech, technology, and even social values of the world in and around New Pork City. It also allows me to keep things familiar, yet slightly off kilter, for the readers. Granted, that only works if I'm on top of my game as a writer. If I'm off, it plays out more like I just don't know what the hell time period I want this story to take place around!

It feels like it's working so far. Here's hoping I can keep it up! Of course, I won't really know until you guys start reading it... Until then, enjoy this sneak peek if New Pork City Harbor. (Yes! I got a chance to post some art!)

~ Stephen

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