Monday, February 18, 2008

A City and it's Porkers...

Well, what is a city worth without its people? Not a whole lot! In that light, it's my privilege to introduce some of the Pigs and Piglets that make New Pork City run as smooth as the creamy white fat on a strip of bacon! First off is The Mayor, no official name as of yet, just "The Mayor".
The Mayor, like the most of other subsequent characters that were designed, didn't really go through any visual development stages. As previously mentioned by Stephen, we talk extensively about the details of the characters and story of Ham and Eggs. So when we mentioned the idea of a Mayor character, we decided a tall, more slender built pig would be more interesting than the typical pig, and incidentally, typical mayor design of a fat balding man with a sash that said "Mayor" across his torso. And so it was...

Another thing we discussed, since the nature of Ham's work is investigation, was the police department of NPC. Stephen had mentioned the funny idea of tough-talking piglets as the cops. The idea was just too funny to me to pass up, so of course I agreed! Being somewhat familiar with NY History and NYPD history, the next logical thing I added to the mix was having them be of Irish and Italian heritage. So I present to you, respectively, Police Officer Rashers, Police Officer Bologna, Sargent Salami and Sargent Bangers!

Well that's enough talk for today! Have to leave some stuff to talk about :)

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