Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introducing, the Colonel...

I apologize for my lack of post yesterday! Even now, Blogger seems to be taking an attempt at foiling my post. Why, I re-typed that sentence about four time now! Any-whobee, here is the adorable, the devious, the stoic and curious Colonel Towsta Strudel! (you'll have to imagine an umlaut over the 'u' in Strudel)
This was the first and only design drawing I did for Col. Strudel. The character was so vivid in my mind as to what I felt Stephen and I both wanted to see from him that it just spilled right onto the page!

With the uniforms, it was tricky. As previously stated, there was an obvious influence of Waffen-SS, and SS in the design for the uniforms. For example, Baron Von Blackforest's uniform was influenced by Himmler's uniform. The goats and rabbits were regular SS-inspired, if I recall correctly, and Strudel here was based off Waffen-SS.

** Now these characters are not at all nazis, nor do Stephen and I respect, admire, like or even tolerate nazis or nazi-esque behavior! **

Ha ha, all disclaimers aside, the point is, since they were design based only, and not copied exactly, it was difficult in a way to establish rank through uniform with these guys. Even if I were to have staunchly followed the designs I used for reference, there wasn't really much of a difference in rank uniforms, aside from the applicable chevrons etc.

So in order to set the colonel apart from the rest of BVBF's army and the Baron, himself, I placed the BlackForest logo on his helmet and gave him a strap across his shirt. I suppose when he goes out for a skirmish he could attach a MP34 or MP40 to it, but right now it probably just keeps in his belly! Apart from that, his belt buckle is an ornate metal buckle with the BF logo and two engraved leaves on either side, somewhat mirroring the pattern on Blackforest's belt.

So, yeah, that pretty much wraps up Col Strudel's design, and the Blackforest army uniform! Keep checking back for more, and remember to check Captions and Balloons tomorrow for our first page!

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