Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Run, Piggy! Run!

So I'm writing this chase scene... Everybody loves a chase scene. Regardless of the medium used (books, TV, movies, comics, etc.) chase scenes - when done correctly - are awesome. They add energy and vitality to a story that is unmatched by any of type of action.

But dammit, they're hard to write. Hard, I say!

I mean, there are certain beats I know I want to hit. I want this character here and I want this to happen here, but beyond that, it feels like I'm writing "so-and-so runs down an alley with hoozy-what closely in tow..." over and over again.

You see, as a comic writer, I try to offer enough description in my scripts to give the artist a clear blueprint of what I'm trying to accomplish while still leaving it open enough to allow the artist room to create. I mean hell, that's what they do! They breath LIFE into the simple words on a page I put down! But on the other side of the coin, I don't want to write "The next 3 pages are a chase scene. Make it tense and kinetic and fun." What the hell is an artist going to do with that?

So, yeah... writing a chase scene is hard.

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