Monday, February 25, 2008

Everyone Needs a Good 'ol #2!

I'm going to introduce you to another character today, even before Lauren posts the design for him. Why? well, because Lauren and I have been alternating posts, and it's my turn, and crazy people like us need structure, dammit! Without structure, we'd simply fall into the chaotic chasms of our own minds! Is that what you want to happen? Is it? IS it? ANSWER ME!

See, I told you... crazy.

Today's character we're learning about is Baron Von Blackforest's right hand man, his #2, his most trusted adviser - Colonel Strudel. As you will see once Lauren posts the design, Strudel is a raccoon. Why? Because raccoons are devious little bastards, that's why! And Strudel is no different. His loyalty to Blackforest is his greats asset, and quite possibly his biggest foible. (nobody uses the word foible anymore... why is that?) There is nothing he isn't willing to do for the Baron. No lengths he won't go to. But please don't think of this raccoon as just another 'yes man'. There is far more to Strudel than meets the eye.

In our original stream-of-consciousness chat about this comic, Colonel Strudel was General Strudel. Then, I believe, for a brief time he was Captain Strudel. And I'm positive that at one point I threw out the name Commandant Strudel, simply because I remember the Commandant from the Police Academy films and it made me laugh... Oh, Steve Guttenberg... how I miss you so!

But it was finally decided upon that Strudel shall forever be a Colonel. Why? Because I perosnally think it's more fun to say with a hockneed German accent. Come on, try it with me -

Colonel Strudel.

Colonel Strudel.

No, no.. you've got to allow the uuuuuu sound to linger a bit more. There you go!

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