Friday, February 29, 2008

The phase of a page...

From Stephen's keyboard, to my hands, ladies and gents I give you: The Journey of a Page!

Once Stephen sends me the script, I get to sketchin! In the beginning I
had tried to scan all the pencilled pages of Ham and Eggs, but for some reason
or another the scans were never very good. Luckily the first page had a decent scan
so I'm able to show you all how it looked!

Of course, next once the pencils were approved I went on to inking!
I wanted to give enough black and detail work so the page could stand out
either in B&W or full color, and I think it came out nicely :)

The second to last step is the color, and then Stephen letters it!
That about sums up the process for a page of Ham and Eggs! Keep checking back for new pages every week!

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