Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A History of Violence...

Yep. Violence. Some comics avoid it all together, some are all about it. I like to think we're somewhere in the middle...okay but probably closer to the latter than the former.

Even though this project is basically a 100% collaboration between Stephen and I, there's still that exciting moment for me as an artist to see what lunacy Stephen's cooked up and made worthy of the written page! So when I get the next wave of script from my esteemed partner in crime, and it says "Rabbit soldier kicks the kitten hard sending it with a SPLAT into the wall" or something similar, one might wonder my reaction!

Well the fact of the matter is, this is one of the first pieces of art I did for Stephen:
Back only about a year or so when we first collaborated on Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack Jaw Blues. This was my first panel of page 1 of the first story I did. While that image may just about sum it up for some folks, if further clarification is required, well here it is.

With certain details that come to my table as it were, ie a splattered kitten with a speech impetiment, I have two initial reactions. And they are pretty much simultaneous:

1. Oh dear lord what have we done? Are people going to be turned off by this?
2. That is absolutely hilarious, I hope I can draw it as funnily as Stephen's pictured it.

So the only logical choice after that is, draw the damn thing, and draw it as best you can!! I guess one reason is like what Stephen said, it's Looney Tunes level violence with just the right amount of gore that would follow. Think about it, a decapitated whore is going to bleed a lot, a head wound is always messy, and a splattered kitten....well doesn't "splattered" sort of speak for itself? Plus, if Stephen and I both find it funny, funny enough to go through with it, chances are other people will too. We're not pop-culture zombies but we're not exactly floating on an island of cultural isolation either, so when all else fails, go for what you enjoy. Eventually a few others will agree :)