Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Would You Take Me Home?

So I'm big into marketing and merchandise, more to the point I'm a sucker for marketing and merchandise! This being the case it's fun for me to develop ideas and designs for merch from Ham and Eggs! Eventually we will be selling t-shirts, that's for certain. But while Ham and Eggs are still in the beginning stages of it's release and public awareness, Stephen and I wanted to toss some designs around and see the reaction. So what do you think, folks? Would you take them home?

"Ham It Up"
Ham in Cream on Brown or Pink on Brown?
Wearer's left hand side towards the bottom of the shirt.

"Deviled Eggs"
Black on Cardinal Red
Most likely centered on the shirt or on the lower right hand side.

"Sneaking Strudel"
Strudel in Cream on Black, Cream on Green, or White on Maroon?
He'd be 'crawling' over the wearer's left shoulder on the shirt.

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