Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Call to Action!

Dear faithful readers,

Ham & Eggs need your help. We'll be 10 pages into the story come tomorrow, and we've got a healthy reader base... but we need more. The only real way that online comics gain readers is through word of mouth -- or in this case, word of web.

So here's what we're asking. While you're out there surfing the 'nets, why not drop the name and a link to the comic in some of the message boards you frequent? A few kind words here and there and people will start catching on.

I think we've got a special comic working here. Lauren's art is second to none, and I've never had more fun writing something in my life. Sure, it's a little twisted, but that's what gives it its charm!

So join the HnE Army and help spread the word! Oh, and feel free to use the logo if you'd like.


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